Five on Friday | 7.21.2017

Another busy week has passed and I am so ready to take on the weekend!

 Last night's workout ft. hyper Axel

ONE // We tried a new "topping" recipe this week - topping meats with different sauces and combinations is my favorite. We have a favorite mushroom whiskey steak sauce for steaks and an avocado salsa for salmon, these toppings just really jazz up the meat we're eating and give a ton of flavor without much added calories (most of the time).

So we tried a bruschetta chicken that was just fantastic. I love the smell of fresh basil and tomatoes, and it really added some depth to a plain chicken breast.

TWO // Has anyone tried this new flavor of La Croix? I think it's my new favorite! 

THREE // It was national ice cream day on Sunday! Ice cream totally does deserve it's own special day, and of course we celebrated accordingly with homemade ice cream sandwiches. 

Excuse the hasty iPhone pic :) I just had to devour asap.

FOUR // I got to attend the X Games last weekend with some of my sorority friends and it was a lot of fun! They had so much going on all day and a lot of cool vendors outside with freebies. I got to see the inside of US Bank Stadium for the first time which was absolutely breathtaking. 

FIVE // Has anyone utilized the facebook marketplace on the app yet?? I am addicted! I posted a table and chairs on there that I need to sell, and it sold in three minutes! THREE MINUTES. It is a heck of a lot easier than craigslist and to be honest, I like seeing the persons profile and picture.. it makes me feel a lot safer. I also sold my college desk and chair on there as well, which I got seven hits for in the first 10 minutes. Seriously, you need to check it out!

Happy weekend!

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