It's Monday Already

Good morning!

Busy is the best word to describe our every day lives right now. We had a super busy weekend but a happy, happy one because we got our entire place freshly painted (HUGE thanks to my mom and dad for helping out!). This was truly a labor of love and we are so, so glad to be done with it. We painted the entire downstairs, stairwell, upstairs, and our bedroom with Glidden's Sutton Place Grey ($20 a gallon PLUS a $10 rebate back to the store, score!) and the bathroom with a light sand color. Our carpets are thankfully getting a much-needed cleaning today. We plan to lay laminate on the kitchen and entryway floors, because the flooring in there now is just atrocious.

Starting out the mornings with an extra large cold-brew and bagels (hallelujah - there is a bruegger's within biking distance of our place!)

Not much else to report on this weekend other than a lot of paint messes made and a lot of cleaning them up, a lot of furniture put together, a lot of La Croixs consumed, and a lot of fun memories made. 

We did take several breaks though - Friday I went to Can Can Wonderland to celebrate my friend Chelsea's birthday, and Saturday we went to our friends for a BBQ. 

Tomorrow we pick our uHaul up at 8am, and then will be moving all of our stuff - which is a lot. Luckily our bedroom set and couch will be delivered and set up for us by professionals so that takes a lot of work off our hands. $80 well spent!!!

Wish us luck tonight as we get our cable and internet figured out - easily the worst part about moving. I always feel like we got ripped off...

Oh and I couldn't resist setting this little area up - only six more days!

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