Five on Friday | 8.11.2017

Gooooooood morning guys and HAPPY FRIDAY!

ONE // We soaked up the nice weather at the beginning of the week and had several meals out on our patio. We love this little area and I'm already dreaming of how I'm going to decorate it for fall.. mums, pumpkins, hay bales... you know I'm going to do the works for my favorite season!

TWO // I have been putting every ounce of money I have into decorating our new home, which has led me with no "fun money" for myself. I have a few things on my wishlist - like new Aerie bras, more of my favorite work pants, and a few fall items. I also somehow lost majority of my jewelry during the moving process (still not quite sure how this happened), but I needed some new pieces anyway - so a trip to Charming Charlie is also in the plans.

THREE // Alright I just need to get this out there.. having a new puppy is hard work. While I love and adore Bosco, I guess I didn't realize how much work it was actually going to be. However, having him has been such a great experience and while we may not get as much sleep as we'd like right now, seeing his sweet face when I come home from work and watching him successfully learn new things is so worth all midnight wake ups and damaged shoes. Right now Andy and I are trying to balance puppy time with "us" time, so we're putting him in his crate around 9:20 at night for bed so we can have a little time to ourselves to relax. We're expecting Bosco to start settling down into his new environment soon, and then things will calm down shortly after. We both laughed this morning when we realized we haven't really even got to enjoy our new furniture as we are mostly on the ground playing with Bosco in the morning and evening!

FOUR // Although I am soaking up the last month of summer, I can't help but drool at these recipes.. I can't wait until the weather is just chilly enough to start a crockpot of soup in the morning. There's nothing better than coming home to a meal that's ready to eat.

Also thinking of making this and these for Sunday

FIVE // Myself and two other bridesmaids are hosting our friend Chelsea's Bridal Shower Saturday afternoon. It is going to be so lovely! We really tried to focus in on her favorites, and tailored it to fit her likes. I can't wait to snap a million pictures and celebrate this wonderful friend of mine!

My mom, my grandma, and I made this "towel cake" last night as our gift and we were stunned with how good it actually turned out! So excited to display this at the shower. Oh and a big thanks to my mom and grandma for being craft and dealing with my controlling role when it comes to these things ;)

Have a happy weekend friends!

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