Life with a Puppy

If you follow me on instragram, you probably know by now that we finally have our little man home! We drove nine hours total to pick him up and bring him home, and it was so, so worth it. He is just a cuddly bundle of love. He loves sleeping in front of the fan, playing with empty waterbottles, and eating each and every stick or leaf he can find. He has the cutest little corgi butt in the world and has the stereotypical waddle on point. We are in complete awe of him.

He has actually done really well his first two days, and we are so happy to say that he has not had an accident yet (!!!) but we both know that will be short lived. We introduced him to a lot of people at Andy's work today, took him on his first walk (which we are still working on), gave him his first bath, and played lots.

He has been sleeping so well at night, almost too well to the point where we have to wake him up so that he can go outside and go potty. He sleeps in a crate, and loves it. He will actually walk into his crate (we leave the door open) to take naps during the day. 

We have plans to take him other places this week so that he can get more acclimated with new experiences, people, and dogs. Also he'll be meeting Axel for the first time so fingers crossed that goes well.

We are so in love with him.

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